Helpful Tips for Bangkok No Joiner Fee Hotels

Are you planning a trip to Bangkok, Thailand? If you are specifically planning to visit the crazy red-light district, there is a high possibility you will be coming back with a companion to your room. Depending on your needs, you may want to choose a gay-friendly hotel. Before you choose a hotel, make sure it does not have a joiner fee policy. You can benefit more if you staying near the train station.

The joiner fee of the hotel helps these hotels to make some extra cash when you take someone to the room for a night stay. The amount of the joiner fee varies from one hotel to another. It is a key feature to consider when choosing a Bangkok hotel so that you are not caught by surprise.

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Guest Friendly

Therefore, if you are planning to spend the night in the hotel with another party, make sure you are choosing a guest friendly hotel. The reason is that the sexual preferences of Bangkok staycation that differ significantly. If you are going with a girl, you may want a boutique hotel so that you can give her a special treat in the facility.

Guest or girl friendly hotel won’t require you to pay a joiner fee. However, to make sure that you are safe, your companion should hand in his/her Thai I.D. card for holding for security. The staff will give back the I.D. card as both of you leave the room. It is one of the qualifications that define a gay friendly hotel.

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Room for Two

Most internet forums advise that you book a room for two. It is one way to justify you not to pay the joiner fee. It is an easy tip that most people overlook. Most guest friendly hotels will not want to make extra money from their guests. It is also wise to choose hotels near BTS for easy accessibility.

Hotel Security

Suppose you book a hotel in a non-guest friendly Bangkok hotel for 7 nights. You can be in trouble if you don’t choose a gay friendly hotel. The hotel security will scrutinize you and your companion thoroughly for security reasons. Close to 90% of the guards will identify a prostitute.

You cannot avoid paying a joiner fee if it is in the policy of the hotel. Even if you threaten to walk out, the hotel will be more than willing to give you a refund if you don’t comply. That is how things work in Bangkok hotels that ask for joiner fees. Therefore, you have no choice but to comply with them.

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Avoid Hassles

When you choose guest friendly hotels near Skytrain, you will avoid the hassles that come with paying the joiner fee. The district of Sukhumvit hosts most of the guest friendly hotels in the region. This is a tourist-friendly destination with several Bangkok restaurants and shopping malls. Sukhumvit also has two of the raunchiest red-light districts in Bangkok like nana and Soi Cowboy. You can easily find the best boutique style accommodation in Bangkok in this region.

The demand for guest friendly hotels is very high in Bangkok. Most of them have high service standards, are well maintained, affordable, and these are hotels near Skytrain. Therefore, it is wise to pick the second and third choices if you want to increase the chances of staying in a guest-friendly restaurant.