Tips on How to Find the Best Luxury Hotel in Bangkok

As a visitor, you will always have something happy about your wonderful stay in Bangkok. Most of the upscale Bangkok city hotels are among the most affordable globally. The good news is these hotels still maintain first-class service and facilities despite the low cost. It is one of the things that make tourists flow into the city year in year out.

The city has a variety of hotels even if what you want is a sky bar hotel in Bangkok. The only challenge would be how to choose the right one. You should start by choosing the right location where you would like to stay. You may choose to stay around the busy commercial areas such as calm Chao Phraya riverside, Silom, Siam, or Sukhumvit. Each of these areas gives visitors an exclusive opportunity for private dining in Bangkok.

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Siam and Sukhumvit

Siam and Sukhumvit are excellent destinations for entertainment and shopping. You will get a beautiful rooftop bar in Bangkok if that is how you wish to enjoy your evening.  Also, there are so many big modern malls that carry high-end designer names, great restaurants, fashion boutiques, entertainment like bars, cinemas, and so forth.

Siam and Sukhumvit give visitors great access to several attractions in Bangkok. In Sukhumvit, some of the first-class hotels include the contemporary Fraser Suites Sukhumvit. Hotels in Siam include the Mystery Hotel Siam Bangkok among others. You will also get a luxury staycation at Kimpton Maalai Bangkok if that is what you want for your stay.

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Silom is the old central business district in Bangkok. It has so many head offices of financial institutions like corporations, law firms, and banks among others. It is no wonder that most hotels in this region offer meeting room in Bangkok. Some of the great first-class pet-friendly hotel Bangkok include the Centre Point Saladaeng and the luxurious Dusit Thani Bangkok. You will also get a handful of antique shops and art and some great restaurants and bars among the high-rise buildings. You will also get beautiful hand-crafted art pieces and local treasures in the Silom Village.

Silom transforms into a very different thing at sunset with the vibrant street markets along the road. You will also get Patpong that is renowned for party places with sexy shows and wild nightlife.  Siam and Sukhumvit to have great areas for a fun night out with so many that suit your needs perfectly. It is also a perfect time to enjoy an aromatherapy session.

River Chao Phraya Banks

The region is among the most interesting places around Bangkok. You will view the old tradition of local trading boats as they float down the river among the high-rise buildings. There are also some impressive temples in this region. Some of the most permanent hotels in this city are located in the Riverside. It has so many upscale first-class hotels such as the Bangkok Marriott Spa and Resort, mandarin Oriental Bangkok, and several service apartment Bangkok.

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Sanam Luang

Sanam Luang is close to Riverside and this is the political capital of Bangkok. You will get several historical buildings and landmarks in this place. Contemporary buildings affect this area less and it moves at a pace that is more relaxed when you compare to the other busier areas in the town. If you want a truly luxurious moment in Bangkok, take a cruise down Chao Phraya River that offers private parties and Candle-lit Thai dinners.

To choose the right hotel, choose what you would like to see or do in Bangkok. The area has diverse facilities and will even provide event venue Bangkok. You will not fail to get a luxury hotel whatever your destination in Bangkok.