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The Deschutes River begins its journey high in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon at Little Lave Lake. It has a unique flow that is fairly uniform compared to other rivers of similar volume in the United States. The annual fluctuation between high and low flows is relatively small. This stability is due to the many nourishing springs that feed the river as it travels 252 mile north to the Columbia River.

The Lower Deschutes was designated an Oregon Scenic Waterway in 1970 and a Federal Wild and Scenic River in 1988. It is characterized by a deep rimrock-lined canyon that ranges from 900 feet to 2,600 feet in depth. The elevation drops from 1,393 feet at Pelton Reregulation Dam to 160 feet at its confluence with the Columbia River. The average gradient is 13 feet per mile and is relatively constant throughout its length. The most significant drops in gradient are Sherars Falls (River Mile 44), with a vertical drop of 15 feet, and Whitehorse Rapids (River Mile 75), with a vertical drop of approximately 35-40 feet over one mile.

Within this canyon you will experience an incredible geologic and cultural history, a diverse community of fish, wildlife and vegetation, and an abundance of recreational opportunities. These outstanding qualities draw many people to the Lower Deschutes River, making it one of the most visited rivers in the United States. This river guide is intended to help visitors get the most out of their trip to the Lower Deschutes River. We hope you enjoy a unique opportunity to discover the historic and present day wonders of the Deschutes River canyon.

Here is the map of the Deschutes River with Rapids and Campsite locations.



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