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clackamas_river2Clackamas River

The Clackamas River is one of the most popular and easily accessible and Fishable whitewater rivers from Portland, Oregon.   Our scenic fishing trips take place on the lower 25 miles of this scenic and afford plenty of opportunities for wild life viewing only 45 minutes from the heart of the metropolitan area. 

 oregon river raftingHeading in the Ollalie Basin, just south of Mt. Hood, the Clackamas River flows about 90 miles through the lush growth of the Mt. Hood National Forest and on through rolling farmlands to its confluence with the Willamette River at Oregon City.  The lower 25 miles are prime fishing waters, perfect to float with a Drift Boat.   

The lower river, starting at Milo McIver State Park near Estacada, is a delightful and productive fishery, home  to the hard fighting, aerobatic Steelhead and magnificent King or Chinook salmon.  Fishermen lucky enough to have a guide to clue them into just when, can tap into the wildly exciting late September run of Coho or Silver Salmon.  The strength of these monsters is legendary and you had better be prepared to fight them all the way to the net.

The Clackamas, so close the Portland area, is  great for day trips on short notice when the bite is on. This amazingly productive metropolitan river is fish-able year round for steelhead with the winter run peaking in January and the fall run in early September.   We begin targeting Spring Chinook in mid April, the run peaks in early May and we continue fishing for Springers into early June.   The fall run begins in August and is over early in October to mid November as the fish begin to turn dark and spawn.  Coho are finicky as they trickle into the river but, when the rains begin, the bite is on as they angrily make their run upstream and ferociously strike on it seems – anything.

There are several launch points in the 25 mile stretch between Estacada and Oregon City.  Which launch we use is decided day by day considering traffic on the River, the particular run of fish targeted and the amount of time on the water desired by our guests as wel as water levels.

Fishing the Lower Clackamas

Using a Drift Boat we fish the lower 25 miles.    There are several boat ramps staged about 5 miles or so apart as you move up from the mouth:  Clackamette, Riveside, Carver, Barton, Feld Heirmers and lower and upper McIver.    This gives our clients the opportunity on subsequent trips to experience the entire lowe 25 mile of the river if they so choose.   . 

 Clackamas River Trip Pricing   
Full Day Trip                                        $175.00  Per Person (2 person minimum, 3 person max)


1/2 Day AM or PM weekdays              $115.00 Per Person (2 person minimum,  3 person total of $345) 

1/2 Day AM or PM weekends         $135.00 Per person (2 person minimum, 3 person total of$405)








*Gatuities are not included in price*

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