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Troy-RiverGuide"The satisfaction I get from taking a customer rafting and showing them something that I love makes it all worth it!"
- Troy Lafayette, owner and guide 

Hello everyone. Thank you for considering Natural High Rafting for your next river experience. I wanted to take this space to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about my background and interests.

My love for the water started in 3rd grade when my parents would get up at 5am and drive me, my brother and sisters to the next town to take lessons and compete on the club swim team. This enjoyment of water continued when I joined the Boy Scouts of America. Our Scout master had 4 canoes that we would take on various South Coast rivers and lakes. I also developed a real love for the Oregon outdoors and continued on this path until the rank of Eagle Scout.

During the college and motorcycle years (about 7) I rafted a few times on the Deschutes, Rogue, and Santiam Rivers but not very often. While taking my last couple of classes in college I worked at GI Joe's. Anyone who has worked in retail knows that product reps come by and offer you pro-forms(discounts) on things you sell. Well, to make a long story short the Sevylor rep. and I got to talking. She had an inflatable kayak in mind, from France, that she could get for cost that might meet my interest. So I spent two weeks pay and bought my first real whitewater boat. After this I went rafting every chance I got, mainly on the McKenzie River.

After moving to Portland I was at Andy and Bax, a local whitewater store, and met my former partner Luke Spencer. The sales rep said "we have a guy here that has a hard time finding people to go rafting with." Let's just say I found someone that liked to go rafting just as much as me(maybe more) and we went every weekend for a year. One trip coming back from the White Salmon we got to talking and we agreed we should start a rafting company. Our reasoning was "we go every weekend anyway why not get paid?" I am going to fast forward about 9 years but that is how I got started running my own company. For all you entrepreneurs out there, it is a little more complicated than that to start your own company. If you like, when we get on the river, I can tell you about all the mistakes, bloopers, and lights going out at the end of the tunnel that got me to today but they are too long for this Bio.

I worked with NHR for 3 years and in 2005 I was able to purchase Natural High Rafting from Ron James. Ron was along time teacher and wrestling coach at Hill High and the original permit holder of NHR on the Deschutes River. With this purchase I merged Horizon Sport Adventures(mine and Luke's company) with N.H.R. Over the last 5 years we have grown studiedly. In 2007 we added overnight trips our trip options and this season we are starting online booking and fishing trips.

In thinking of how to close this Bio and sum up why I do this I would like to answer a question someone asked me the other day. I got asked the following question "wouldn't you rather go rafting on your own?" "Why do you want to work your rear off every summer, get paid below minimum wage, and take strangers rafting?" To answer that...........I do this so I can give someone an experience that they might not be able to get on their own. Simple as that. The satisfaction I get in taking a customer rafting and showing them something that I love makes it all worth it!

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